[EN] Simple way to monitor websites in Linux with Slack

Mostly is very usefull to know if one or another website is down. Here is simple example to monitor your websites:

# script to check website status (online/ofline)
while read site
if ping -w 60 -c1 -q "$site" &>/dev/null; then
echo "$site is up" # for debug
# action to do if website offline
echo "[$(date +%d-%m-%Y:%H:%M:%S)] $site is not reachable." | slackpost.sh
done < /path/to/file/sites.txt # list of sites to check

sites.txt example


Now you can add it to crontab. Type crontab -e and insert:

# ping websites every minute
* * * * * /path/to/monitor-websites.sh > /dev/null

The script use my notification function to slack. This tutorial you can find at [Tutorial] send message with linux to slack

Example of message in slack if website is offline:

slack post message example
slack post message example

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  1. Im not very advanced programmer, but i found this tutorial very useful and easy to understand.

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