Super fast and easy email synchronization with imapsync and docker

If you need to migrate or transfer an email server to other provider, then you also need to export / import all your emails and folders. In that case you can struggle with many problems. For example:

  • Different Email Clients with different export format
  • No export or import function
  • Costly import / export tools

With imapsync you can easily do it without big effort. You will need only Docker installed. On the Docker documentation page you can find installation guide for linux / mac and windows.

So, if you have already docker, then just run this command and all emails will be exported from host1 to host2. Keep in mind that host1 and host2 are IMAP server addresses

docker run gilleslamiral/imapsync imapsync \ --host1 --user1 --password1 'pass' \ --host2 --user2 --password2 'pass' \ --automap "$@"

Useful imapsync commands before synchronization:

--dry : Makes imapsync doing nothing for real, just print what would be done without --dry.
--justconnect : Just connect to both servers and print useful information. Need only --host1 and --host2 options.
--justlogin : Just login to both host1 and host2 with users credentials, then exit.
--justfolders : Do only things about folders (ignore messages).

For more advanced usage please visit official syncmap github page at