Garden Project Scheme

Raspberry Pi Garden Assistant Project

Project Plan and Goals

The idea is to make smart garden house. Main tasks is to provide internet from mobile sim card to WiFi access point, automatizes mart watering and log some interesting data. This is my TO DO list. I will continually update it by adding links to details.

  1. Internet
    1. USB WIFI Adapter for HotSpot
    2. USB GSM Modem for mobile internet
  2. Automatic watering system
    1. Scheduling based on Google Calendar or simple intervals
    2. Schedule adjustment considering rain factor and Soil Moisture Hygrometer
    3. Water flow control with Solenoid magnetic valve
    4. Water flow sensor for security notifications if water  flows at unexpected time or valve breaks
  3. Security
    1. Webcam
    2. Door open / close sensor
  4. Others
    1. Temperature sensors (Multiple)
  5. Logging
    1. Save to Google Calendar or DB when was raining
    2. Water usage (Database)
    3. Soil Moisture Hygrometer Sensor  (Database)
    4. Temperature (Database)
  6. Notifications (SLACK BOT)
    1. Water flow
    2. Door open
    3. Rain
    4. Send photo from webcam on request
    5. Temperature


Garden Project Scheme
Garden Project Scheme

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